Coronavirus Information

This update is for all our customers who are booked on any charter or tour; and members of the public who are considering booking with us for a coach charter or for a tour.

In light of the current coronavirus situation, we would like to update you as follows. The advice from the Chief Medical Officer is for people not to panic and for business to continue as normal, and that the risk to individuals is low.

At Blue Bus, keeping our employees and the customers we serve healthy and safe is our primary concern.
We are monitoring the information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are closely following the advice provided by the Australian Government to ensure a safe environment and to avoid any unnecessary worry.

• Is it safe to travel on a bus? Yes. We’re continuing to take our lead from the Government and Health Organisations, who at this stage are not advising against Public Travel. The Government has made it clear that neither members of the public nor transport staff are at greater risk of infection from coronavirus when using bus services than in other public spaces.
• What are you doing to protect your customers and staff? Blue Bus is committed to preventing the spread of the virus. In line with Australian Government advice, we are continuing with the systematic cleaning of our vehicles and facilities.
• Can I use a bus if I am experiencing cold and flu like symptoms? If you are suffering cold or flu-like symptoms, you should call your doctor. They will advise whether you need to self-isolate. If you are not asked to self-isolate, you should only use public transport if absolutely necessary to avoid the spreading of other illnesses. You should follow Government advice to reduce the risk of catching Coronavirus.

In order to support increased personal hygiene on our coaches and buses, we are putting strengthened measures in place to enhance sanitisation and focused cleaning; this includes but is not limited to:

• Due to the national shortage of supply we will, where available, provide hand sanitiser to help customers clean their hands more frequently.
• We are operating an even more robust vehicle cleaning schedule (wiping all touchable surfaces down with disposable disinfectant wipes and spraying anti-viral disinfectant spray into our air conditioning vents).
• Staff are being encouraged to maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene.
• Finally, the single most important precaution that everyone can take is to observe good personal hygiene, including washing your hands with soap and water regularly.

We are therefore intending to operate all tours and charters ‘as normal’ except of course with the above extra precautions and advice on hygiene. We are watching the government Department of Health website very carefully and intend to follow their advice in all circumstances. We will update this announcement as required.

Should you need further information on Coronavirus, please visit: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov

Thank you for your support and cooperation at this difficult time.

Geoff and Sandra Jacob
Blue Bus

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